Autumn Colors and Falling Temps Make for the Perfect Riding Experience

Autumn Colors and Falling Temps Make for the Perfect Riding Experience

Need a reason why fall is the perfect time to crank your pedals and hit that epic trail? How about 6!

Perfect temps 

Once the heat and humidity of summer begins to turn crisp, the tantalizing call from nature to get out on your favorite trails simply cannot be ignored. The cool autumn air, as it bites your face, allows you to go farther and faster than in the summer heat. Some places are essential to hit in the fall, because of soaring temperatures in the summer, or snow during winter.

Better trail conditions

Drier air and cooler temps usually bring better conditions to trails. Depending on where you are riding, this can mean fewer sudden summer cloudbursts causing muddy, slick trails. Conversely, less evaporation from the summer heat can mean the dirt is less likely to get too dry and dusty, keeping its grip from any lingering summer storms or autumn showers. 

Fewer People

Summer vacations mean trails can get crowded in the summer months with the added numbers of people taking their vacation. If you wait until the fall months, you can expect fewer people on the tracks, so you can enjoy nature's picturesque beauty while you ride.

Gorgeous fall colors

Let's not forget, one of the highlights of fall is taking in some of the richest most vivid colors in nature's palette. Riding through the forest or a mountain trail with a view is one of the best ways to fully enjoy it.

Earlier sunsets

Fall signals the last of daylight savings time,  grab your bike right after work while there's still enough light for a mind-clearing ride. Make the most of the best season for mountain biking, before you lose the sun, by hitting your local trails as soon as you see work in your rearview mirror.

Stress relief

The most satisfying part of fall rides? Leaving the stress of the day behind as you clear your mind and simply pedal, breath and take in every thrilling moment.  


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